Enlightened as an Owl

This owl collage of a Tawny owl (cat owl in Swedish) is one of my first art in quite a while, and I really like how it turned out. I’m really crazy about creating my own collages right now, that is why I keep making them. And because I learn so much each time I finish a new one.

Cat owl collage by iHanna (<em/>Kattuggla) in frame” width=”631″ height=”787″ /></a></p>
<p>This owl collage is made on brown paper and framed in a thrifted vintage frame that I’ve had in <em>my to-do-something-with-pile</em> for a while now. I found two frames where I got this one, and bought both, but the other one already hangs on the wall, with beautiful Art Money art from Hanne Matthiesen.</p>
<p>And when I wrote before that I hadn’t had time to surf I must have <em>forgotten the late hours</em> when I tiredly surfed Ebay.com and did my first purchase from them! I’ve spent hours on this site, but not having an account was a good thing. But now I’ve sold my first art there, and have an account… So I could just click <b>bid</b> and now I guess I’ll be hooked forever! Hehe.<span id=

The three auction pictures looked like this:
Fabric from Ebay

Bought 150 (!) fabric squares (4 inches big) on Ebay this week too, for $16.37 plus shipping & handling: $8.00 (subtotal 24.37). I don’t know it that is good or outrageous price, and I don’t know what quality the fabrics is (quiltable cotton I hope), but I’m looking forward to getting this package in the mail!

Enlightened as an owl
And yesterday I thrifted another owl, a hollow candle holder owl in ceramics that I adooooore! Happy happy me for being able to be so happy about something that nobody wants and that cost only 10 SEK! Behind the owl is a incense candle that smells of vanilla, decorated with small beads. A gift from mom.

And the second picture shows that Halloween has visited Sweden in some places… plus the snow has arrived now!

Happy Halloween!
Isn’t it a cute cat pumpkin?

I’m listening to CraftyPod episode #38, where sister Diane has made the cutest fabric card – with an owl of course!

And I’ve sewn my first bird:

A prototype wee bird softie
It’s only a prototype, but he flies anyway.

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  1. Hi Hanna,

    I am loving the new look of your site, and especially your store that you share with your Mum! So many goodies. Hope you are well. Nice to see all your creations. I also am very very fond of your owl collage!


  2. tjenixen! vilken supercoool sida!!! Du g?r ju galet snygga och roliga saker. Maste kika in igen. Och det ?r inte utan att jag undrar hur du hittade till mig….? :-)
    Ha det fint och forts?tt skapa! (jag sitter h?r och syr getingbyxor jag)

  3. Lots of fun stuff happening here. Owls, cats, birds! I’m in envy of your owl candle holder. Very sweet.

  4. I love your collage and the frame is just perfect!! Ebay is very dangerous…believe me, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars there! :-)
    When I first saw the fabric pictures I was sure they’re paper, because that’s what i mostly buy there. Thank god I’m not into fabric yet! Oh, and your bird is so cute!

  5. Hanna!
    Your blog is amazing. I adore your collage work. and I’m in love with your wee hand sewn bird. Would you like to do a trade with me sometime? I can send you some vintage goodies and a some of my collage work, and maybe some of my handmade ornaments.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading you.
    – Meegan

  6. Hi Hanna! Gorgeous cat owl collage! The frame is perfect. And looks like you got yourself a fantastic bundle of fabric on the way. Also wanted to say thank you for your kind comments on my blog (I tried to reply but your email address bounced).

  7. I have bought cut fabric squares from Ebay before and they were always cut nicely and a wide variety of fabrics! Perfect for quilting, fabric ATC’s or collage work! If you don’t like them, send them to me…You know we cannot get such good bargains here in Sweden!, LOL!

  8. Hanna, as always I am in awe of your creativity and talent in so many areas! I love the lavender sachets with the ribbon embroidery…those will be such nice gifties for the holidays. Keep up the great work, I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to.

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