This owl collage of a Tawny owl (cat owl in Swedish) is one of my first art in quite a while, and I really like how it turned out. I’m really crazy about creating my own collages right now, that is why I keep making them. And because I learn so much each time I finish a new one.

Cat owl collage by iHanna (<em data-recalc-dims=Kattuggla) in frame” width=”631″ height=”787″ />

This owl collage is made on brown paper and framed in a thrifted vintage frame that I’ve had in my to-do-something-with-pile for a while now. I found two frames where I got this one, and bought both, but the other one already hangs on the wall, with beautiful Art Money art from Hanne Matthiesen.

And when I wrote before that I hadn’t had time to surf I must have forgotten the late hours when I tiredly surfed and did my first purchase from them! I’ve spent hours on this site, but not having an account was a good thing. But now I’ve sold my first art there, and have an account… So I could just click bid and now I guess I’ll be hooked forever! Hehe.

The three auction pictures looked like this:
Fabric from Ebay

Bought 150 (!) fabric squares (4 inches big) on Ebay this week too, for $16.37 plus shipping & handling: $8.00 (subtotal 24.37). I don’t know it that is good or outrageous price, and I don’t know what quality the fabrics is (quiltable cotton I hope), but I’m looking forward to getting this package in the mail!

Enlightened as an owl
And yesterday I thrifted another owl, a hollow candle holder owl in ceramics that I adooooore! Happy happy me for being able to be so happy about something that nobody wants and that cost only 10 SEK! Behind the owl is a incense candle that smells of vanilla, decorated with small beads. A gift from mom.

And the second picture shows that Halloween has visited Sweden in some places… plus the snow has arrived now!

Happy Halloween!
Isn’t it a cute cat pumpkin?

I’m listening to CraftyPod episode #38, where sister Diane has made the cutest fabric card – with an owl of course!

And I’ve sewn my first bird:

A prototype wee bird softie
It’s only a prototype, but he flies anyway.