I’ve been making small lavender bags in white fabric, filling them with dried lavender flowers from my parents garden.

Lavender bag experimenting

When you bring the flowers out, they are still lilac and smells very strong, but put in the bag the smell gets more subtle and it is pure lovely.

I’ve been experimenting with how to decorate them, applique, lace or just a plain Ribbon Embroidery. When I started I didn’t know, but the white fabric is really romantic, so I went with that.

Lavender bags with ribbon embroidery I remembered I had some ribbons for Ribbon Embroidery and started to make small roses in pink, white and red. It was time consuming, but fun, and the result makes me smile. They all turned out different but nice.

Lavender bags with ribbon embroidery I also added some felt fabric as leafs, and embroidered green shafts for the roses.

What do you think? I’ve made quite a few now!

Skull mini bagThis skull was cut out many months ago and has moved around the house for a while since. I really like the shape of it, but didn’t know what to add it to… So now I sewed it to a black linen fabric and gave it to my mom, she liked it a lot. Guess she’ll have to show this one to the skull enthusiast at her work.



In other news, 12 people call this photo a favorite on flickr right now:

Rnnbr i sn

I only took it yesterday at a winter walk with no sunlight but lots of inspiration. I just had to take the camera out all the time!

Rnnbr i sn

The world was covered with snow, and everything was just beautiful for a while. This morning the bike ride was a mess, with ice, running water, dirt and snow (snblask!) on the road.

I’d rather sit inside, drink coffee and remember how Swedish summers can be:

Lavendel luktar gott

Though it’s a good thing we have seasons for different things.