Vintage knitting for small people

A boy in knitted clothesDid you notice the swedish pattern book from Marks that I bought yesterday? I just love the layout and colors of these vintage patterns.

I’ve bought one earlier (from the Internet) and I adore the pictures in that one too. Maybe I’m collecting these? At least if they are as cheap as this one (4 SEK)!

I just had to grab this one to, with knitted clothes for children (0-2 yrs).

Isn’t this kit (pants and sweater) for a 1-year old boy cute?

Knitted clothes for childrenI know just the one to knit it to – but I don’t know if his mother really are the type for something “old fashioned”like this? Or if I have the time before his birthday.

All layed out so that you can see the design.

Does children today wear things like this? I’m sure my father must have.

A knitted dress for small girls
And a knitted pink dress for a little princess.

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  1. That little knitted diaper is too funny!
    I don’t see children wearing these things now, but they are very cute.

    I am happy that you found such an interesting book! :)

  2. I love those old childrens clothes! I have a bunch of old knitting magazines, especially from the 40’s and I tell you, I could almost consider having a baby only to be able to knit those clothes for them!

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