This week I haven’t had any time to sit down and write. Or to think, go out to buy food or even relax. It’s all been about craft, creativity and inspiration this week.

Crazy intense and so much fun!

Mom making stars

My wonderful mom had been visiting for five days (yay!) and we’ve been sewing, knitting, crocheting and sorting through all my fabric. We’ve also been buying new fabric, having fika, done some flea markets, seen a couple of movies and eaten out…

Plus I’ve had a temporary job for three days at the Youth Center at the dock this week. This week most schools has Autumn holiday, and the YC arranged a couple of crafty and wonderful Recycle Days with Emmaus who gave clothes, fabric, yarn and other second hand materials for pimping, recycling and using for crafts of all kinds. I was employed as a Inspiratör (to inspire). They wanted to entitle me expert, but I said no no to that, hahah.

Hamnmagasinet in Ume, photo by iHanna

And I’ve been soooo tired, since I’m 1) not used to work, 2) not used to work with kids and 3) not used to have so much noise around me. I’ve made a couple of things, learned a lot of girls how to sew with the sewing machine, how to use felt and how to crochet!

Craft, Creativity and Inspiration

Emmaus I’ve felt inspired my self, and I hope I’ve inspired others to see possibilities. First day was kind of slow, but last day everyone was making things like crazy. Sewing caps and felted mittens, one 18 year old girl who was crocheting for the first time, making bead bracelets, altering clothes, sewing bags, skirts, tops! Amazingly fun. And all the smiling lovely people I’ve talked to and met this week. Wonderful persons work there!

When mom came, she gave me this beautiful big and woolly shawl that she knitted:

Big n' beautiful shawl
It came together with beautiful (but a bit itchy) wrist warmers. I adore this colour. Thank you mom!

I didn’t have time to do anything for Day of the Dead (I was planning a shrine though), to write about all my Collections (even though I don’t consider myself a collector) for Studio FridayI am (inter-)connected, which I truly am!

New business cards

Just one more thing crammed into this post, the Moo cards that I ordered from via flickr. They are lovely, and I recommend getting a bunch of these if you have any kind of business planned (or just like tiny prints of your own photos)!

My Moo Cards

They are cute, fun and professionally made. I think I’ll punch holes into mine and use them as small contact labels on the things I make. On the backside is printed my name, and my professions of choice: skapar, skriver, fotograferar (creating, writing, taking photos)! It’s me in a nutshell.

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Today I’m just sitting (ah-phew!) by the computer, downloading all the photos to the computer from the camera and updating my Photo Diary, listening to all the episodes of Material Mama Podcast.

Have a great weekend everyone!