I just want to finish my Christmas cards, but now it’s time to got to bed. But first something I did today:

Home made candles
Yes, I tied red silk ribbons around the white candles I made in school. Nice, huh?

Packed candles
And then I wrapped it all in see-through plastic paper with small dots on (looks like snow) and added a little tag to each package. I think they will make nice gifts for all the mothers in the family (my mother, mother-in-law, fathers mother and mothers mother. Phew!)

Oh and Baby Ruth has moved to Amber! She also got (in the craft swap) one of my favorite postcard collages:

live with a smile
Live with a smile, right? Or at least try it every now and then… I want to make more collages, soon. As soon as the Christmas cards are finished and the Craft Corner is cleaned up a bit… and… oh, December!