It is so fun and easy to make personal postcards for friends and family. Make a personal postcard for someone you care for – or even for a stranger in a swap, it can still be personal if you put yourself in it.

Envelope with collage

To walk to the post office with the postcard stamped and tucked into my handbag makes me happy and satisfied. I like that I that easily can spread some love into the world. I hope to inspire you to make some postcards in your own style with this post.

Try it, it is so fun!

What to create on a postcard then? You can draw, paint, collage, take photos, alter a postcard you’ve received… Anything goes!

Personal Postcards by iHanna

Here are some recent ones I’ve made, for friends and family. This first postcard was made for one of my favorite friends and sent of because I miss her. We haven’t lived in the same city for the last four years.

Personal Postcards for a girlfriend, collage postcard by iHanna #vintage

Girlfriend Personal Postcard.

Krya p dig Maria Edvall // Get well soon greeting card

Krya p dig means get well, and was sent to a friend who was in the hospital but now is getting better. I just had to make it when I found out she was sick.

And my mail art envelope for the Fairy Swap that I forgot to post a picture of before:

Envelope for mail art

Thanks for visiting and letting me share some mail art stuff today.

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