When I sit down with my art journal lately, which is not too often, colours have exploded into it.

I am picking pinks and greens, orange, yellow, red and blue! Kaaa-boom!

Big rose
See what I mean?

Little Ester
I love my water soluble oil pastels!

Water soluble oil pastels

Water soluble crayons are very versatile. I like the water-soluble oil pastels because they offer loads of flexible features. The traditional creamy pastels come in bright, vivid colors, and those are always my favorite.

You can use simple techniques like dry blending into true secondary colors, and wet blending into watercolor techniques. Yummy!

The oil pastels are a bit messy to use in your Art Journal of course, but you can use a protective sheet in between pages. Or gel medium / varnish to protect the surface when you’re done.