I’ve made a couple of bracelets using Mollychickens Bracelet tutorial:

Fabric bracelet

Straight from the iHanna factory:

Making bracletts
I set up a little studio on my balcony where my cat and I spend a lot of time when the sun is out. I bought a “horse quilt” (that is what I call it because it is so heavy) in red silky fabric this winter at a thrift store – and it is almost like a mattress to sit on. Mmmm!

It took a lot of time to sew all the beads, pearls and buttons, but maybe I started off with to many? Nine I think.


This is just one little thing ticked of from the list of tutorials that I posted, a list about things that inspire me, but at least I made a whole little bunch of these bracletts when I was creating!

Bracelet for my mother who loves and collects bears:
Braclett for my mother

Thank you Molly Chicken for the inspiration and help!