Getting the Vintage Look

We see it in Art Journaling, notebooks, art and sometimes even on Bullet Journal spreads… It is the look of something newly created that looks one hundred years old or more. It is the Vintage Look of old ephemera, brown paper, yellowed book pages, old hand-drawn illustrations, black-and-white photography and all that jazz. If you don’t own real vintage papers just tea or coffee dye everything to give it that aged look…

I really like this look too (even though I think it’s a bit over-done at times). I am no expert at it and rarely try to re-create it because I have a hard time resisting all the colors and intense patterns and magazine images. But in my most recent little brown paper art journal, I am doing a lot of browns. I like to experiment with it.

Here’s what I mean with the vintage look:

This page is created with materials I got from La Wendeltreppe that I showed you yesterday. It’s more her style, but I can’t help but really like this very brown page of mine too.

And a third page (I did share the first page yesterday at the end of that blog post):

Polka dots from La Wendeltreppe on a page in my Art Journal. Spot my name on the page if you can.

I really like “the vintage look” . I really do. And it’s definitely been “a look” that has been trending – in many, many people’s journals over the past years. As seen on instagram, pinterest, youtube and well, all over the internet. Is it a style you enjoy? Let me know below in the comments.



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  1. Your pages turned out cute! I’m glad you’re enjoying dabbling in other colors/types of art. Sometimes it’s fun to learn/grow/stretch ourselves creatively. Of course, after learning of creating with something new, I always enjoy going back to my favorite colors or types of art. So glad we don’t have to only choose one thing!

  2. Oh yes, I definitely love the vintage look! I happen to live in a town with a huge number of thrift stores for its size, so I have no trouble sourcing books, sheet music, cookbooks, etc. that are vintage in age and appearance. But my favorite vintage material is a 120-year-old ledger book I got very cheap from an antiques dealer’s garage sale. The original owner was a music teacher, so the pages are filled with names of various students in lovely old-fashioned handwriting. Every time I use some of this ledger paper in my projects, I think how surprised this long-ago teacher would be if he could only see how his ledger book is being used in the 21st century!

  3. I do love vintage but truthfully for in journals, for myself, I much prefer a lot of pretty colors. Still, I do love looking at others pages and love the pics you posted here but guess they’re just not for me doing it in my journal. Have an awesome day!! 😀

  4. I do love the vintage look. In place of coffee or tea, I’ve used watered down brown acrylic paint with great results.

    • I agree, paint works too, although I love the smell of coffee that sticks to your papers a while if you use that… mmm! 😄

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