Got the camera case blues

I love the look of quilted items! So I buy fabric to quilt with, but I almost never quilt. It just takes to much time to start a new project, and cut all those squares – yuck! I think I need to bring my mom here so she can cut up the fabric for me (she is such a pro quilter). Then I can have the fun of arranging and sewing them together! But a small project has been finished this summer: a brand new camera case for our very old Ixus 400 that we bought in Bangkok three years ago!

Camera case I made

The camera still works fine and I love taking close ups with it, but last summer I lost the camera case and I haven’t bought a new one. Instead I wanted to make a surprise for ♥-P and create a nice sturdy case for the wee camera (I love the wee-word that I picked up in Scotland when I was there, meaning small – I loved the green hills and the mysteries of Loch Ness). Anyway, I took for ever to make this little case, since I hand sewed all the inside edges to make the inside look pretty too (just as my mom taught me!):


I’m pleased with the result since this is my first camera case ever. The mistakes are highly visible, but I don’t mind that. I just like that the camera fits in it! To bad ♥-P didn’t like it all. How strange to be so giddy about something you made and then you are told that it’s not safe for the camera, doesn’t protect it against rain, can’t be hooked in his belt when he climbed. I will save you the picture of how the case looks that he is using instead – it’s such a thin and unsteady old thing (for another camera). Oh, well. Life goes on and he actually put the camera in this case once when we where going out.

Here are some pictures of me as a photographer at the wedding two weeks ago, taken by ♥-P with the Ixus-camera that I’ve had so much fun with:

Me me me

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  1. I think the camera case looks lovely! It is probably just fine for taking along on outings with no threat of rain or mountain climbing! Nice job!

  2. O Hanna , your such a creatieve person. Look at that camera case now!! Soo beautifull. I really love the colors and the design. I linked to your site on my blog because I visit your site almost every day and I’m always so curious what’s going on here at your blog :)

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