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Bright Yellow Fruit Salad

I like yellow. Not mellow yellow, but the bright sunshiny kind. It’s irresistible! Like fruit salad. Also irresistible. Plus, easy to make. Just chop any fruit up, mix together in a bowl and eat. Summer desert, or winter thrill. And yellow fruit salads are extra yummy, don’t you think? Related PostsHow to make your own […]

Planning for Week in the Life

Last year I meticulously documented an entire week of my life in photos and words. I took a lot of self portraits but also brought my cameras to work, to a party, for walks in nature and in the city – yes everywhere for the entire week. I did blog a bit about it, but […]

Flick through past photos

When I read Kim’s post Five years in photos I thought it was quite interesting as I just noticed my Nikon d50 camera had its fifth birthday (yesterday) and I have been looking through my photo folders several times lately. Kim talks about Pummelvision, a new website by Jake Lodwick that creates a video of […]

Happy Birthday to my Camera

Today it was five years ago that I bought my Nikon d50 camera, wondering if I did the right thing spending that much money on one luxurious gadget… Now I know it was, no hesitation. More and more people get a DSLR-camera because they are getting cheaper (more compact and lighter) but when I bought […]

Got the camera case blues

I love the look of quilted items! So I buy fabric to quilt with, but I almost never quilt. It just takes to much time to start a new project, and cut all those squares – yuck! I think I need to bring my mom here so she can cut up the fabric for me […]

Nikon d50 is my New Camera

I used my savings and bought a new camera today. It’s thrilling, exiting, great and scary. I’m not used to spending money at all, and now when I spend a lot of money lots of thoughts come swirling in my brain: Did I do the right thing? Is this thing worth all that money? What […]