This yarn doesn’t really go well with orange knitting needles, but it won’t stay there for long, it’s a quick knit this time.

Knitting in pink

If I could have thick soft yarn in wool with great colours (like pink and green and orange) I would knit more. But of course thick yarn knits up quick and if it has got any quality it’s not cheap. It’s not really expensive eather, but if you are a low budget student everything seams to be overpriced.

Maybe about two weeks ago I started getting the winter-knittng-itch again. You know the feeling? TV is on more in the evenings and the hands can’t be idle for long. Starts with a scratching feeling and next thing you know you’re in your favourit yarn store looking for new projects in thick yarns for winter weather stuff. Like a cap and a scarf, why not? Doesn’t really mather how many skeins of yarn you’ve got in your stash I think. You just need to have some more. This time I only bougt three skeins. Two pink and one grey, and then I went back the next day to change the grey skein to a pink one. I love how this colours glowes and shines even when the sky is grey and it’s raining in November.