Sunset from my window (Copyright Hanna Andersson)
Studio Friday Theme: Sweetness!

What is the sweetest thing in your life? I don’t need to think hard to come up with a good answer here. I think good friends are important, not only in general life, but more importantly if you pursue the creative and dangerous path of making stuff. Friends are the sweetness to my life. I don’t eat candy very often, so I need good, sweet friends.

When you paint, sew or write you challenge your self, you try even though you might be afraid of the result. You can fear both good and bad outcomes in creative projects, since both can change the way you look on yourself and your art. Therefore friends are very important. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I read The Artist’s Way, where author Cameron challenges all of us to look at the people that surrounds us. Who support our creativity, who tries to hold us back? Who of your friends and family gives you strength just by smiling back to you? Who encourage your crazy ideas and gives you inspiration with their own strength and willpowers? I don’t think you need to loose everyone that doesn’t support you enough, but it’s very important to be aware of who you can trust. I’ve come to believe in the expression about positive or negative energy, something you feel surrounds every person if you think about it. When you meet a person with lots of positive energy you can feel it and it is a good thing, and you automatically feel recharged by their energy. To have those people as friends are something to strive for.

I think the blog community in Craft World is growing so much because we all need encouragement and support for the things we create and think. That is also why I try to comment all posts that has projects, pictures or text that speaks to me. I so want to let you all know that what you do helps me, changes me, inspires me and in the end all of that defines me. And what could be sweeter than that?

Maria totaly inspired me with her crocheted cards this week, and this even made me start on a little collection of Christmas cards! Wooohooo, how unusual. Christmas Crafting is not something I do often. Maria’s last post in her blog was about how my collage about dad (see below) inspired her to make one about her childhood heroes. That feels sweet too!

Dinner party of girls this week. Sofia brought her cooking skills and inspired the best dinner meal ever – plus gifts from India and a ball of yarn that she wants me to help her crochet something of. Fun and inspiring.

I could do a whole list of family and friends that has showed there presence in my life this month with cards, gifts, phone calls, e-mails and love. The sweetness in life gets so obvious when you have people to love and be loved by.