Knitted teddy bear without eyes almost finished - by iHanna Photo copyright Hanna Andersson

I was knitting on something partly bear in October last year, and then this year sewed the pieces together and added blue ears. Then it (he!) has been laying around for a while in the bookshelf, hearing everything and hoping his time would come… He has not been able to see or protest about his situation, and once I finished him he actually had nothing to complain about!

James the bear

Because I made him a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth. Plus (hear hear!) pants out of pink fabric with little bears on and pink check suspenders (2 fabrics from mom). I wanted to add small black buttons, but thought they might come off to easy. He is now living with my friend Jacob, and who could complain about that? Both of them are totaly cute (new expression)!

And this is him going away on his first birthday party at Jakob’s home (he became one years old), with a little not asking Jakob to take care of him. James the Teddy brought his little green pitcher (from IKEA!) to the party. Maybe he was scared?

I kissed him goodbye!

My name is Teddy JamesI got a postcard from James. He seems to be happy.