Varma h?nder skepp ohoj!
I knitted a couple of wrist warmers to give to my friend Maria on her birthday. Fun knit! Other than these I’m crocheting, and so is Bea! I was so happy to see her post with the ruffled scarf that I inspired her to make! Please let me know if you start a crafty project that I’ve inspired. It makes me so happy.

My colourfull nails
I love colours!

These are my feets:
Mina ftter

Mosaic of JulyJuly has ended, and I just read a post about montly mosaic, and really love the thought of that! So go make your own mosaic and join the fun Monthly Mosaics at flickr! Wish I had an idea like that. Everybody will want to join is my guess!

Happy August everyone!