Inspired to doodle, homework + my Second Art Journal is FULL

I was really inspired and impressed by Tom Judd’s drawings at 50up. He does kind of a diary where he totally fills a page each day with his drawings, doodles, text and the date in big letters. They are just amazing! Here is just one of them:

Inspired by this - artwork by Tom Judd

I filled one page in my note pad at school (it was a very boring class) with doodles, and when I came home I coloured them with my pens. I didn’t use watercolours, and the drawing are not very similar to Judd’s drawings at all – but that’s where I got my inspiration anyways. It came out like a rainbow, crazy but happy.

My doodle makes me smile, and I wanna make lots more of these. I draw a lot in my notes at school, just for fun.

iHanna's Tom Judd inspired doodle - copyright Hanna Andersson (school notes, 2005)

To create this was just a fun little moment in time – to colour this page and see what would happen with the composition.

I decided to add the doodle page to my art journal, to keep it safe.

It turned out like this:

iHanna's Art Journal 2005 - copyright Hanna Andersson

This is the last spread of my second Art Journal. I can’t believe I’ve already filled two whole sketchbooks of art (!). Time flies, right?

I’ve got a similar one with a white/cream coloured cover to start in soon, but I haven’t had the time yet. Today I’m writing an article about scrap booking.

On the right of the spread you can see a little scrap of the stretch fabric I bought last week. Isn’t it beautiful?

Turquoise tricot fabric

I think it will look very nice with my new jeans when I make a sweater out of it, but I haven’t got a pattern yet. I’m thinking I might draw a pattern from a loved sweater I already own. We’ll see. Writing first, sewing later.

Sew you later…

Take care and thanks for all your wonderful comments this past week!

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  1. Your drawings are so much fun and so colorful too. I really love that fabric scrap. The colors are amazing! It sure would look wonderful with jeans!!

  2. Oh wow, Hanna! Great colorful doodles! I think you have to visit the boring class a lot! I want to see more of this!!! Cheers me up! Wow!

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