Studio Friday: Golden yellows!

My feet

I borrowed the Canon D300 (from school) this week, since I’ve been assigned to be the photographer for articles written. I also took some pictures of the golden yellow of autumn, for personal use only.

I adore the autumn more and more, specially the maple trees that now are turning from yellow to red and spreading their big wonderful leafs everywhere.

These pictures are taken around my school, who today turned 50 years old. It’s a beautiful school that used to be a glass workshop – and I feel privileged to be there and meet wonderful people and learn new and cool things every day. It’s like a learning studio for me, a daytime place to spend time and develop. I think my approach to a studio is growing the more I think about it. I don’t have a special room to create in. I just live like that!

And this week has been very special; my classmates and me have made our very first newspaper together! I’ll try to post more about that later. But for now, enjoy autumn every day that it lasts!


Leafs turning yellow




My school
This is the back door of my school, and every time I pass this door and look out I stop and just gaze at the beauty of the trees and the afternoon sun, and that brown park chair that is standing under one of the trees, lonely – or waiting. It is such a beautiful sight. And from our class room we have a view of the ocean.