Hey my dears, look at this – what do you think?

iHanna in DIY Fashion (home sewn long sleeved shirt in turquoise) 2007

It’s me – in a home sewn shirt.

Maybe you will remember the piece of fabric I bought a couple of weeks ago? Now I’ve actually made something of it – and it fits! I am very, very pleased.

This is the first shirt that I’ve sewn that I really like to wear – which is what amazes me the most. I can wear it, it fits me and I feel good in it. Wow!

When my mother was here she helped me buy a double needle for the sewing machine, and showed me how to sew with double threads. It was really easy even though this stretch fabric was difficult to sew with. But I did fine.

I wanna make lots more, because getting new clothes is always fun!