2011-05-05 owl tutorial
I love to doodle, and draw little creatures that I just come up with or have seen somewhere, like these owls. They look so awfully tired, or bored. They were probably born during some meeting. They were drawn with a black ballpoint pen, in my notepad.2011-05-05 owl

Then I just thought they were too cute to ignore, so I scanned the paper into the computer, lines and all. You can see the writing on the back bleeding though too, but you can do something about that if you really want to. In the computer world anything is possible. Well, at least almost anything. I love scanning my own art, and sometimes I print my collages and use those images again.

In this case I cleaned up the image using the Eraser tool, keeping the sketchy look but removing the bleed though. Then I used the Bucket tool to poor in some colour in each area. Out came a very pink party owl! :-) I’ve printed the pink owl out to use as stickers (with a glue stick) in my diary.

This is the original doodle after scanning:

Original owl doodle

2011-05-25 flower 1 doodleOn torn out book pages I’ve doodled a few simple flower shapes (very quickly). I then coloured them all in and cut them out. I was thinking it would be fun to glue them here and there inside my Art Journal during summer… But before I used the originals I placed all the cut out forms on the scanner glass and scanned them into the computer.

2011-05-25 flower doodles
Flower pattern born, ta-daa!