Vlogging | Learning about what a Vlog is

Did you know about the existens of vlogs? I’m in love.

Bird house

Do you know about René in San Francisco? I don’t really know her either, but would like to – and I traded her Robo Elvis ATC (I love it so much) for one of mine this month. She has gotten hers from me, and I felt so honored to be mentioned in her Vlog !

Woohoo, it’s so cool! This girl actually keeps a video log on the net. It’s a kind of blog but in video format, and it’s obviously a thing right now. Who knew?

In René’s video Show and tell she is showing my “art” – wow! I didn’t even know this existed, vlogging…

And René tells me that lots of people do keep these “vlogs”, for example at freevlog.org/wordpress! Isn’t it cool? When will we see the knitters vlog? I love the thought of that so much.

Oh, and Tifty has posted about one of my ATC’s too – I just noticed! Hihi, great that you got it and liked it Tiff.

I love the internet, so full of new and marvelous things.

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  1. That’s a great loppis article – ?h vad kul att f? strosa omkring en s?n i Sverige! Jag skulle nog kunna hitta massor av skatter :) Barndomsminnen som bara den.

  2. Hi hanna! Great blog you have here and nice you swapped an ATC with rene who I’ve corresponded with for many years in the mail art network but in the 80’s I knew her as Pandora! She must have started mail art when she was about 5 as she looks so youthful!
    Yes, and what a great thing these video blogs are. I’m really hooked now I’ve sussed out how to do it! I’m sure Archie will be making more films too. Thanks for the nice comments!