StorloppisI was to Storloppis today. They had it yesterday too, but then I was working at the Gallery. Storloppis is Swedish for Big Fat Flea Market! An event to enjoy! It was indoors in a big exhibition hall – but not to warm anyway.

Well. Table after table with new (children clothes, toys, yarn, paperbacks…) and old stuff (coffee mills, vases, china, books, pillows, matchboxes…) that people wanted to get rid of and at the same time earn some money. I wasn’t in any good buying mood, since I’ve started to think about the summer (when I will have no income and still want to go to both Germany and France)… But after a hot dog and an hour of looking around I warmed up in that cold place and found some stuff I’m really pleased to have bought!

And even a small Mothers Day Gift! Today is Mothers Day in Sweden! Love to all good mom’s – and spank to all ya’ old bitches that hurt your children (I’m sure nobody who reads this blog will hit a child, but you know, some mothers do that unfortunately)! Well, anyway.

Here is my load (click for better bigger picture!):

Bought today
As you can see: Blue curtains with roses on that I bought for the fabric (40:-). I love how cute it is (and lots of it too!). Two different letter sets with flowers on and lots of envelopes for 5 SEK each. A whole pile of small cards with roses, santas and different greetings on for presents and flowers (25:-). Two bundles of Svensk Damtidning, 10 magazines in each pile from 1947 and -48 (!) for 20:-/each. And a couple of meter each of rose ribbon (blue and pink) for 40:-. Plus that black thing that you can’t tell what it is, but it’s a pen place case for the desk in backelit (for 10:-).

And this:
Trasmatta II
I see striped rag carpets everywhere on flea market and thrift stores, but this was special with more modern and cool colours!

A bed post?

And what is this?
A bed post?
Naaa, it’s the best find of them all, but a drag to take home on my bicycle (my arm still hurts). It is a…


Shelf for the balcony

A expandable shelf in cast iron for my balcony. And it was only 100:- I totally love that!

And my calculation (which I suck at) tells me I spent about 320 SEK (42,77 USD!) today and got meter after meter of rosy fabric and ribbons, letter sets, a shelf, 20 vintage magazines, a rug and some other stuff. Happy happy joy joy!