Once more with love, here’s another Journal with Me Video, where I am working in my Christmas Journal. And a few photos of it too. I promised another video this year, so here we are. Enjoy!

YOUTUBE journal with ihanna

I have loved filming the process of these pages, and watching it myself, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. I also plan to make many more videos like this is the upcoming year, free on YouTube as well as paid content in the form of workshops.

Right now all I really want to do is keep filling my now very chunky Traveler’s Notebook with more yummy stuff (but I can’t seam to convince my family that that’s all I need and want to do)… Inside the DIY Traveler’s Notebook cover I’ve got a weekly DIY calendar, my Christmas Journal, my current Randomosity Journal and a Brain dump book where I write notes and lists…

Isn’t it pretty lovely? I want to work in it all day, every day, right now.

iHanna's Chunky DIY Traveler's Notebook

I think you can tell that some of the pages are very much about my Christmas Blues rather than what I’ve actually accomplished and done, but who cares? As long as there are pink deers, polka dot hearts, and glitter angels, right?

iHanna's Christmas Journal: Clean your room

In my previous blog post you can watch the first part of the video, if you want to catch up.

Christmas Journal with Me

Journal with iHanna Video

Christmas Journal with me part 2 – click here to watch the video on YouTube if you can’t see it above. And while you’re there give it a thumbs up so that more people can find some Christmas inspiration from it. Thanks. Let me know if you think I should filmd and share the completed Christmas journal in January in the comments.

iHanna's Christmas Journal: December 10 2017

Christmas Journal: Cheers & Julie paper doll

iHanna's Christmas Journal: Detail - laughing

Mentioned in the video

I did mention a few things in the video that you might be interested in checking out.  For example, I was watching a Vlogmas video (vlogging every day in December, also a conept that is so cool I might want to try it at some time next year) by sticker maker No White Space and noticed her beautiful office set up, with like three or four glittery Christmas trees. That is so foreign and strange to me and I loved it, so I have decided that I am going to go crazy with glitter and decorations next year… If I find the energy of course. More links:

iHanna's Christmas Journal: Detail - clean your house

More of my stuff


Signing up for my Newsletter right now will give you access to this printable of Vintage Christmas images that I myself have been using in my Christmas journal:

iHanna's Free Christmas Printable - sign up for the Newsletter and download these to print

Swedish version of iHanna's Collage Wall Calendar 2018

I have wrapped quite a few Collage Wall-Calendars this year, and they’re all under the tree right now.

Wrapped Calendars

We celebrate on the 24:th so we’re on it right now, when you’re reading this. You can get the calendar in my shop, or order a digital, printable version of the calendar and print the pages yourself. I imagine you could use it to mark, with a big red X on each day you’re creative in some way. I think that’s what I will do with mine, for the Project 365 Somethings in 2018 that I posted about. I’m overwhelmed by the response, and so happy that many of you are already planning to join me with being more creative, in many different ways, next year.

You guys rock!

Vintage Santa Christmas printable for my Newsletter

Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday to all of you from me