Knitted Cellphone Cozy

A sock striped cellular cover made by meOut of the gauge swatch I made before starting on the very long sock I made av striped accessorie that will be great to flash around when wearing the socks.

It’s my first cellphone cover! Now my old cellphone won’t be cold.

Some more pic’s on this little home knitted cover:
Cellphone cover 2005
My cellphone is peaking out of it’s cover. Better keep it closed, that cellular is old and ugly.

Closeup of the button
Found this button in a box of buttons that I bought on a flea market this summer. Most buttons in that box are brown and plain, but this little round one was a hit!

Extra close up of the cell cover
I like the colors!

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  1. I like your cellphone cover very much! I have one but it is pretty ugly. It was one of the first things I ever made, and you can tell! I should make another nice one like yours!

    I am glad that you cellphone will be warm!

  2. Tja!
    jag har b?rjat min virkagrytlapparp?l?pandebandkarri?r! Var p? Myrornas p? S?der ig?r och de hade hela kassar med garn (nytt) f?r bara 20-50 kr styck. men jag k?pte bara en – och s? gjorde jag en riktigt AJA BAJA- jag b?t nystan mellan tv? kassar!

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