I mentioned this project earlier, and I hope all of you have taken the time to contribute to Knit a River!

Knit a river is a new campaign with WaterAid. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of WaterAid and their vision – a world where everyone has access to safe water and effective sanitation.

Join I Knit in campaigning for WaterAid.

Blue ocean swatches

Knit a river

I improvised with my two swatches, and was really surprised with how nice they look and how much I like these swatches! I guess knitting swatches is something I should try more often, for inspiration and new colour combos! I think there are lessons to be learned in making swatches… unexpectedly fun.

Knit a river

I hope the project Knit a River will make people aware of the need for clean water around the globe!

Maybe it’s just a drop in the ocean, but if we all help together, with as much or little as we can, the drops will grow to become a strong and beautiful river to count on.