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New knitting magazine todayToday I bought a new magazine called Knit.1 from VogueKnitting.
I think I will really like it, it’s young and very colorfull, with a lot of cool stuff to knit inside.

When I came home and searched the Internet I could only find what Knit Happens Store wrote, and I agree that it’s a pitty they’ve only used yarns from one brand, Lion brand. Also, the site of Knit.1 is very boring right now. (Here is what others think at Knitters review).

I was looking for a copy of Interweave Knits (coz I’ve never seen it), but they don’t sell that in Sweden! It’s a good thing that both Knitty.com and Crochet me are online magazines that you don’t have to pay for! Hurray for them!

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  1. I just recieved Knit1 too (my wonderful boyfriend bought a subscription for me!), and I like it, although I don’t understand why they only use Lion Brand…

    Eagerly expecting no 2.

  2. Hey! I commented on it too!
    And I also mention that the reason why they use Lion Brand yarns only, is that it is a joint venture between Vogue Knitting and Lion Brand. In other words, Lion Brand pays for it.
    I’m perplexed that they sell it in Sweden.

  3. I have the same problem… I live in Italy and the only one magazine which shows young and amazing patterns uses a kind of yarn that I can’t find.
    However it’s hard to find out foreign knitting magazines or books because this is not a common hobby here.
    Internet helps me a lot.

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