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About the Internet Phenomenon of Secret Friend-clubs and Link Rings…

In English we have the Secret Pal and in Nordic countries the Nordic secret friend. The next is Secret Pal 4, starting next year.

So, what is it, really?

Getting a Secret Friend

You sign up when the ring-thing starts, and agree to send about 4 packages to 4 different strangers. I’ve seen the great gifts people send each other all around in Blogland, because one of the main goals is to show of what you have received in pictures and say thank you so that everyone can read about the gift, and be really envious.

The gift are knitting related of course, coz we live in Knittingville, even though we don’t wear our Knittyville hat all the time.

I’ve been envious sometimes, but I have no urge to sign in, even though I love to get pressies and surprises. I don’t have the time to do my own projects – and I don’t find presents to the people I really love, so how could I find great things to give to strangers?

But I really think this phenomenon is a cool thing, a good thing for people involved. It’s like trading something you don’t need for something you have no idea what it’ll contain! Something for the adventures perhaps? Or maybe mostly for people who enjoys good surprises, even though the might get something they hate. It’s the expectation of an arriving package that counts, I guess, and on the way, maybe you’ll find new friends?

A present from my mother - pot-holdersSo for me, no secret friends. Well… that is if you don’t feel at real urge to send me a present anyway? I’ll accept it!

And who needs secret friends anyway, when you have a mum like mine. She sent me these Christmas quilt pot-holders and a blue fabric star for the window in the mail this week.

I love them!

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