Blue and Pink fabric finds

I’m glad I didn’t decide to blog every day this month, because this week I’ve been under a rock of work, so much so my own creativity has suffered and this blog was left alone for most of the time. All I managed, except making layouts for a magazine I work for, was sending out the 10 addresses to everyone who signed up.

Phew, I’m glad the work week is done.

Fabric finds in pink - for the quilter within me - photo by Hanna Andersson / @ihanna

Next week I’m thinking of trying to do some quilting, or at least open up my box of scraps. So today I’m sharing my latest fabric haul, with a lot of blue and pink, bought at the annual meeting for the Swedish Quilting Guild (for whose member magazine I am the new Editor in Chief). I promised myself not to buy anything, so that it’s a win that the things I bought were rather small…

Pink for me, blue for my mom

Glitter threads (most expensive thread ever) photo by @ihanna #pinkandblue

It’s rather Blue and Pink, my finds as they often are. It’s because pink is my favorite color, and blue is mom’s favorite color, and she is the quilter in the family. I hardly have anything in this corn blue color, but I think they look rather good together. A bit like mother and daughter perhaps?

I got these two stars as well, one brown for me (I love brown fabrics), and a blue one for mom, who like me has been obsessed with polka dots lately. I love how the fabric shop folded the fabric pieces together and made this little star bundles:

Fabric folded and sold in star shape photo by @ihanna #fabricstars

I store my fabric in plastic bins, all mooshed together for no one ever too see, so I don’t really need more, but sometimes you just can’t resist how pretty all the patterns are. I also bough those handbag handles (top photo) because, yeah, who could resist them? I hope I’ll manage to sew a summer bag for next year (or the year after that would be okay too, I’m not a speedy sewer). They didn’t have any handles with blue closures, so mom got a pink one too. It was her birthday this week.

Here’s more pink and blue, a WIP of mom’s:

Cute owls WIP (mom's making) - photo by @ihanna #pinkandblue

She makes pot holders like nobody else. I don’t know how many of these she made before the inspiration ended. Here’s a peek into mom’s fabric stash, in case you’re like me, and love looking at pretty piles of pretty things:

Peek into mom's sewing room - photo by @ihanna #fabricstash

So, no sewing around here but at least a craft update of new things in the stash. Wishing you all the best, and time to use what you’ve got in your stash!

All postcard swappers please note: If you signed up for the Fall Postcard Swap and didn’t find your addresses yet, it’s in your spam folder or the mail host you’re using ate it. This is a huge problem when I try to communicate with new swappers, and this time I even set up a new e-mail that is hanna at my domain name (love the look of my new e-mail folks!). The best thing if you haven’t gotten that e-mail from me is to contact me through another e-mail address, other than the one you gave me in the swap. You see, if you didn’t get the first e-mail you probably won’t get my second one when I re-send your swap mail. :-/ Or send me a message on Facebook where my page is called Studio iHanna! I promise I’ve sent you your swap address, it took me a couple of hours but it’s all in my “sent” folder.

3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Hanna for being the new editor-in-chief!!

    I wish that I knew how to sew because I’ve always wanted to make a quilt but unfortunately I can’t see to get past threading the needle on the machine. lol

    Love all the fabric … I’m thinking maybe it’s a good thing I don’t sew after all because I have a hard time resisting new colors of yarn, I can only imagine how I’d be with all of the colors and patterns of new material. LOL

    Have a nice day, friend!


  2. I love my blue thread. Thank you Hanna.
    I also love you.
    You can come to my new sewingroom and start your quilt there.

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