Whew, what a long day!

I started early this morning with painting and collaging bookmarks and journal pages – while on the bed.

Then after a brisk walk through the hood I came home to sit by the computer. Took lots of photos of gray weather and beautiful houses while I was out – I’m downloading them from the camera right now.

I shop with Mom...

Since then I’ve updated my mother’s and my shop I Shop With Mom with all of her recent works that is for sale! There is just so much cute and wonderful stuff there!

My personal favorites are the two craft totes that she finished yesterday:

Craft totes
Aren’t they pretty? Kind of 1970 and the lining is a pear fabric that I thrifted and shared with her, so off course I love them!

Mom’s favorite color is blue, and even though I’m not very found of this color I adore the craftsmanship of her two new carrier bags! Check them out. Here is a detail;
Triangles in a square carrier bag

I’ve also added a fabric book cover with an elephant (!), some triangular and very cool wristlets (one with Piglet!) and a very girly Beige Necessaire with beads!


Among the pot-holders these propeller ones and these bright red ones are my favorites I think!

Green button propeller pot-holderRed love pot-holders

Red Love Pot-Holders

I’ve sent out our newsletter (I hope you got it? if not, please subscribe so I can keep in touch) where I included a link to Kelly Kilmer’s blog where she writes so many nice things about my book that I just can’t get over it! Wow, I’m so… exited! surprised! glad!Beautiful every day

In the mail today came my second Moleskine Notebook that I ordered from Ebay because I was such a good girl during NanoWriMo. I didn’t finish but I did my best and I’m glad I tried it out. I just might do it again, but with a better plan next time and more experience! The Moleskine is just beeeautiful, and next I want to amazon wish list which is huuuuge and maybe order a book or two… or ten? Hmmm… If you want to help, please buy a wallpaper pack or something else from me because I need money (and if you don’t like what I make but still like me, why not donate? hehmm….)! Just kidding. ;-)

Love ya all, over and out from I, (me) Hanna.

PS. to copy-cat my cousin who in her blog posts makes me smile with her “song of the day”, here are Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah – song of the day in my head. :-)