Snowstars on bright blue mittens

Dad’s old wool sweater is bright blue. That kind of blue that almost shines in your eyes. Indigo blue, sky blue, wintery cold day blue. And it’s too tiny for dad. But the blue wanted to be recycled, so I did obey.

Blue fingers

I made a pair of fingergloves for my mother. Her favourite colour is blue, all kinds of blue colours. I made the gloves by using the arms of the machine felted sweater. I sewed it on the sewing machine for the first time. I’ve made several gloves and mittens from sweaters, but I have always sewed them by hand to make the seamallowance almost invisible inside. But it works fine to use the sewing machine too I think. They fit my mom like a second skinn.

Blue fingers

The decorations I added by hand. They are crocheted snowstars, part of a thrifted doily, and blue pearls that shimmer and shine in the crisp winter. Only, it’s still raining outside.

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  1. Recently I attended a workshop with the swedish designers 2 x Breiditis who made up the do-redo concept (book, workshops, do-it-yourself-kits etc). It?s long time since I experienced so much crafting creativity and inspiration. Your gloves are really a great example of what results you can have!

  2. Very beautiful and how clever to use a sweater to make them! I love the decorations on them. One of a kind (well two of a kind actually!)

  3. I love these and agree with you the color is beautiful and that sweater would cry out..”Do something with me!” I have many thrifted sweaters waiting to be used for rughooking…maybe I should try some gloves…my son keeps stealing mine to put on his feet to be a monkey…hehe
    Thanks for the ideas..
    Love your blog

  4. What a fab royal blue. What a great idea too and a wonderful way to dress up a pair of gloves. Hmmm, you’re giving me ideas.

    You have so many beautiful projects, your site is a real pleasure to browse.

  5. It?s a wonderful idea decorating this gloves with crochet!
    I have a pair of boring red gloves , I will try to do something with crochet and spangles.
    Your blog is full of wonderful ideas!

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