What do you do when things are hard, and you feel like you don’t have the strength or energy to move away from the situation you’re in? I see a lot of psychological advice on how to brighten your mood in one way or the other way, like going for a walk to get fresh air or rearrange your furniture to gain new perspective. I almost never hear the recommendation to brighten your mood through art. But for me, that’s where happiness is, in creativity and the freedom to create.

Creative Doodles that will Brighten your Mood - blog post by @ihanna

Go see an art exhibition, sure, or if you’re so included, make art. It does not have to be great art to help lift the mood, just a bit of creative doodling will go a long way. I will cheer you on.

If I have a lot on my mind I start with a warm-up-collage or drawing a doodle of some sort. I just let my pen move around on the paper, and if I can muster up the energy I reach for happy, bright colors (I do this even when I don’t need a mood booster of course, because I love those vivid colors).

Inspired doodles in Creative Sketchbook - Art journal page by @ihanna #doodle #artjournaling

I’ve been finding myself doing a lot of creative doodling this year. I love how simple it is, to just sit with that one black marker or pen and a sketchbook or paper pad and just let the pen move.

The exercise on this art journal spread, is all about moving your pen in random ways to create a grid like pattern that you later color in, using acrylics, markers or what ever coloring tools you love best. It is so easy to do, but looks intricate and fun after you color and doodle on top of it.

I really enjoyed making these pages, and I think looking at them is a mood lifter within itself.

Inspired doodles from my beloved Creative Sketchbook- Art Journal pages by @ihanna

If you are feeling like a mood boost is in order in your life, I suggest you grab a few pens and a sketchbook this weekend, and just let go. Create some crazy happy marks. Add lots of colors. Use uplifting words. Have fun!

Other ways to brighten your mood

  • Bring out your adult coloring book and spend time on one of the pages
  • Knit a few rows on something that has been WIP for a long time
  • Move your hands through the paint, create some collage papers by painting with your fingers
  • Take and online class that will give you that extra creative boost

Inspired by Pam Garrison - art journal by iHanna

If don’t know where to start, taking a class for inspiration is a great way to get started. I learned this doodle techinice by the awesome Art Journal artist Pam Garrison. It’s availible at Creativebug and it’s called Creative Sketchbooking. You can sign up for a free trail at CreativeBug, and get access to all their art and craft classes (not an affiliate).

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