Get digitalized

I’ve added a new category to the blog today, called “Geeky stuff”. Where post like this will be at home, and post about web page tips, design and thoughts about games, blogs and other tekkie stuff

This post is about a new browser, called Firefox. I’ve just downloaded it, and it converted all my bookmarks from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and seems to be working really good. I’m pleased, and really like the tab system, the integrated search (google) and the thought of skins for this baby. I recommend ya all to try it out!

I’ve also been working a lot with Dear Photo Diary (Kära fotodagbok) today, and updated with a new index picture, our favorites for November and a lot of December pictures, where I especially just love the pictures of Jakob, a friend of mine.

I took all of them with P’s new camera, a Nikon D-70! It is so cool, I love be the portrait photographer in the family.

Compared with the pictures of a very blurry Jakob that I took with our digital compact camera, the Ixus 400, is a really good but much less expensive one. I took those pictures without the flash to avoid red eyes, and could get two or maybe three okay photos in that light.

The system camera rules!