Curly roses that shine

Backside of the needle bookMy first needle book, My heart on a twig, was a present for my mother. At the same time I made hers, I sewed one for my self, but it’s now, when the year is coming to an end, I found the time to finish this project, like I finished my first socks and my essay. It feels good to finish up stuff.

I used my favorit fabric both on this little piece on the front, and as the lining, but here I embroidered some silver and pink glitter thread on the fabric, so now it sparkles! You can also se the lace that I sewed on to the edges, a new one.

DaisysIn the right uper corner I made some daisys out of white silk ribbons.

Curly leavesCurly leaves and twigs, I really like the green leaves here.

This is the last close up, below you can check out the entire front of the needle book:

Curly leaves that shine

More roses
This is a bigger close up on the ribbon roses that I had to make on this one to of course.

Half folded you can se the linen and next…

Needle book by Hanna
…you can see where the needles will go!

I really need this one, now I’ll know where to find a right sized needle the next time I make something in Crazy quilting!

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  1. I just love you needle books. Last christmas a friend gave me one of her homemade needle books and now I can’t live without it. Maybe it’s time for me to give a friend a needle book. I really like crazy patchwork!!!

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