I farmors fnster

Fika med farmor

Having coffee with my grandmother.

Farmors piano

Farmors kalender

Farmor och hennes pskgg


Farmors soffkuddar

I fnstret

Hos farmor


I had coffee at my grandmothers today. I brought my camera and felt the inspiration filling my whole body as I sat there, listening to her. I was so inspired by several beautiful photographic sites that I visited before I went out. I wanted to capture everything around me. But from this day only fractures of seconds will remain.

I’m glad I brought my camera. No, I’m happy happy happy. These photos are not at all my usual style of photography, but I love them! I also love my grandmother, I love her lace curtains, her porcelain, her living room, her voice and her beautiful hands. Me, dad and a friend went by car to a flea market later and I took photos in the car out the window and at the flea market. Just a lot of random little things that caught my eye. I saw much more than I usually do because I was not looking to buy, I was looking for things to capture and savour. I will edit those photos too.

Have you taken photos of what you love this week?