A Gentleman’s Grey Scarf

Are we getting wiser, or just older?Carrie

A true gentleman's scarf A solid grey scarf is a fashionably classic accessory, I hear, and it will Always Be in Fashion! Isn’t that just great?

It’s exactly what I’m knitting right now, a grey scarf and it’s going to be, if finished in time, a christmas present for a great genleman I know (my dad). I cast on 56 stitches and knit 2, purl 2 all the way.

And while knitting I’m watching Sex and the city-episodes on DVD. Jummy!

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  1. Hi Hanna!
    I usually watch Sex and the city too, especially while I’m knitting or ironing my boyfriend’s ties on Sunday night… but it’s over and I think I can’t replace it.
    I’ll miss these four fabolous girls a lot..
    I think I’II confort myself by watching “The wonderful world of Amelie ” (I hope it’s a good translation) or “You’ve got mail” or ” Notting Hill”…
    Sooo sweet…

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