Stricken kann süchtig machen

The label of this yarn that I bought Friday says: Stricken kann schtig machen! And if you’re a knitter you understand, even if you don’t speak German…

Candy for crafters...

Knitting can be addictive. Very addictive. And isn’t autumn all about cozying up indoors with a yummy ball of wool and turning it into something wearable? I think so. I think that’s the reason autumn was invented. So we could all roll up under handmade quilts, watch a movie without needing blinds for the windows – and just make stuff. Mmm! Oh, and put those knitted socks to use too.

The yarn is called Zauberball 100, by Schoppel. It’s ombre in purplish, pinks and browns 100 % virgin wool. I was convinced by knitting friends (who recently opened a yarn shop of all things!) to knit a skirt, though I doubt the usefulness, the prettiness and the idea of a knitted skirt. Who wears that? With what, and when anyway?

But so far it’s super fun to knit, so what ever comes out I will enjoy the process of knitting, especially while I am listening to the awesome audio books in the Divergent Series, sci-fi by Veronica Roth. Yum!

The pattern is the free Lanesplitter Skirt from Knitty fall 2010, a hit among knitters then I think. Simple knitting, without too much thinking – just the way I like it.

And also, it’s the end of the month, so time for another inspirational mosaic:

Inspiration Mosaic September 2014
Inspiration Mosaic September 2014. Images collected by me iHanna.
To view credit click photo, to view the mosaic big click here.

Last month’s inspiration mosaic can be viewed in my fun Q&A post How to become Extremely Creative in 2 simple steps.

What’s on your needles/mind?

PS: I ordered stickers and business cards from MOO yesterday, and because sharing is caring, you’ll get 10% off from me if you use this link for your order. Enjoy!

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  1. I love wool skirts!
    Some years ago they was very popular here in Italy. And I can remember that I had a dress all knitted by mum when I was a child (I’m a 1977 girl!).
    They are warm and comfy, but they need to be worn with a petticoat, if you don’t want your skirt “glued” to pantyhoses.

    Sorry, I don’t want to disappoint you, but I can’t understand the title… probably it’s because italian is so different from english, german, swedish and other languages of the north :)

    • Oh, thanks for the encouragement. Maybe it will turn out to be a favorite. Who knows… And I translated the phrase right under the German of course: Knitting can be addictive. ;-)

  2. i wish i knew how to knit! i’ve attempted many times-have had people show me how, even tried something called a niffty knitter (plastic hoops with little pegs all around) i just can’t get the hang of it. i love your inspiration mosaics hanna. always such a great collection. thanks for sharing, and can’t wait to see the knitted skirt!

  3. I am knitting a shawl right now with very similar colours but I need to do the striping myself (Madeline Tosh in Vintage Sari and in Oxblood). I do love multicolour yarn though. I’ve often admired Zauerball, but never bought any (yet).

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