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It is the last day of June, and also the last day of the first half of 2010. I have had the January desktop image on my computer background for 6 months, so today I took some time and created a new one!

You are welcome to download the desktop image and right click to “use as background” if you want to and it feels inspiring to you too. In this way we will stay focused and creative for the next 6 months… hopefully.

Flickr Mosaic June 2010

Inspiration Mosaic - June 2010 (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Here is the June mosaic!

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  1. WOAH! This is fantastic! Thank you so so much for stopping by, for your sweet comment, and for revealing yourself :-) I am really glad I found you (or rather that you found me) Your blog is amazing. (are all these tiles stuff you did??) Very very inspiring. I can’t wait to explore your blog :-)
    Thanks /C

  2. aahh… click the image and links appear in Flickr (believe I was a little impatient there, huh?) Gottit :-) Thank you for great inspiration. Just awesome.

  3. oh gorgeous!!!! love the colours and particulary all the water colour very inspiring I’ll be back to take a better peek!
    Tamar x

  4. Hello Hanna,
    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and posting a link to your mosaic.
    To play Flickr Favorites, please add a link back to my blog so that people can check out the other links too if they like.
    If you have any questions playing the game, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you.

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