Inspiration Mosaic collected by iHanna in March 2011, click for sources and view big

Inspiration mosaic of favorite photos by others, March 2011, view big.

Tomorrow it is April already. It’s my favorite month with lots of birthdays, spring in the air and fun stuff coming up… This blog will be seven years old, imagine that! That’s pretty darn old old old in blogospher, especially in one blog-place!

Edit: the giveaway is now closed!

A winner have been randomly picked! Congratulations Kate, you’re in the Creative Sparks Class! Thanks for all your lovely questions! Lots to ponder for me. If you didn’t win and want to join Ashley’s class… it’s only $10 for a month of 90 prompts!

In April I’m wishing for lots of sunshine, playful art journaling and creative joy that will sparkle all the way to your home!

Want some creative sparks?

To start the celebration of with a bang Ashley (a.k.a. Spookey) is giving away a space in her sparkling new art journal class to one of my readers! You, it’s you my dear! Spookey is best known from her blog The Paper Phantom (which has been on my link love list for ever) and as one of my co-teachers in last round of 21 Secrets!

In her new cool project, called Creative Sparks, she has created a whole little community for us art journalers to play at, and during April there will be 90 prompts posted! Just leave a comment below and you’re in the giveaway! Class starts tomorrow April 1st, but I will give you 24 hours to comment here to be entered in the draw. Yay, what fun!

I was hoping that you could write me a question about something you want to know about one of my “subjects” (the topics of this blog)?! Any question will be fine, about art journaling, blogging, what ever, though please just comment if you’re interested in participating in the class with me. Yes, I’ve got a space reserved for me and I’m ready to play! Thanks Ashley for this!

Giveaway on my blog today

Don’t forget to comment below for the giveaway! Yay, I ♥ this!

It’s a way of life

At the end of last year I was startled to notice that I hadn’t taken any new class during the whole year (and not gone on holiday either). That is no way to live, girls! Not even if you are poor as can be and can’t attend cool stuff like ArtFest – there are still places to learn if you’re just on the look out. The big problem I think was that I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, and therefor a whole year went by without a class… But no more! This year it’s a priority to learn new things and find experiment more, it’s even on my list!

The year is only three months old
and already I’ve had the chance to jump into things. I’ve attended one evening embroidery workshop, taught my first class in real life (a day of sketchbook creating), took a weekend workshop about dying fabrics and embroidery composition that was so awesome and inspiring (photos coming up soon) plus I’ve attended Darrah Parker’s online photography class that I won at Jamie Ridler’s wonderful blog! That was a great start of the year that was, it got me into photography mood in the middle of the dark winter. Darrah’s class is on again now if you want to take it this spring (last day to sign up is tomorrow), it’s called A Slice of Life!

Anyway, happy April my friends. Let’s play!