Moth-eaten clouds (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Moth-eaten clouds, original art Collage by iHanna, May 2010. Sold. Available.

I’m continuing with square collages. Little originals created with my favorite materials right now; pieces of wrinkled papers, acrylic paint, pencil and charcoal pen. They are the same size as the previous two owl collages; 13×13 centimeters (5×5″), the perfect fit inside the mat board of a Ribba-frame from IKEA.

White Bunny Smile (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
White Smiling Bunny, original art collage. Sold.

The moth, that little insect so closely related to the butterfly, is not really a friend of mine. I don’t want to be near one and big night time visitors are a bit scary. But this one might be a friendly kind because he is eating the clouds away, filling the gaps of the sky with sunshine. And in one of our rooms, just as I was putting down the knitting for a while, a smiling white bunny jumped in. Who would’ve thought? He didn’t even know Alice, so I don’t think it’s that rabbit. Just like the moth he just appeared and asked to come into my world of collages… I said; hey there, welcome any time little one!

Also in my world of collage art…

…another owl rolling in, this one is trying to find balance in a world set in motion. Aren’t we all?

Owl in balance
Owl in Balance, original art collage. Sold.

Hmm… Is he doing pilates??? Well, Owl in Balance must be one of my favorite collages so far. I think it’s not just the name, it really has balance to it. I like the brown with the orange, and owlies proud pink breast feathers. And I like the spaciousness of this collage, there is some well needed breathing room.

A collage I’m not very found of is this one;

Top of the world (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
Top of the world, original art collage available. You can see the difference, right? Such a mess Hanna! It reminds me of one of my most jam-packed journal pages. It is my style, more so than the owl perhaps, but I’m not sure I would hang it on a wall. Just taking one step back it becomes a blur to me.

The Top of the World collage is about life and our journey, so maybe it should be more colorful and messy, just as most of our lives are, right? To me it is also very Swedish, with its Swedish fjäll views and words.

The collage scan are also posted at my flickr set 2010 Collages where two people have added this collage as a ★-favorite! Druga wrote in her comment; wow… I would love to learn how to make something this complex and deep. I love the whole set. Here I was, thinking it was messy and ugly, and then I’m told it’s deep and complex. I can’t help but to appreciate that, and once again it is reinforced that we all have different perspective and taste. Read: don’t throw away your messy artwork and trials, someone else might like it and that might just make you appreciate it a bit more too… Lesson learned and noted, again.

I listed Top of the World for sale as a test, because there might be someone who will like it enough for that too, but I’m not sure. It’s not really important, because I’m already making other collages that I’m really falling in love with… hehe. I guess I say that every time, but it is true. It’s the process that I love, and to me that is what is most important.