Index cards

I have made over 60 collages in two months. I love this kind of project, something that pushes me further. A daily project that shows me what I have time for when I push myself a bit. It doesn’t seem possible at first, and then you’re doing it anyway.

A pile of filled index cards
In this pile only the June index cards are shown!

Here are the last cards of July, and also the last cards of the ICAD 2011 project for me!

2011-07-25 index card
Index Card July 25. More of the Daisy Yellow papers. Love those circles in white. The text says also wanted to join in

2011-07-26 index card
Index Card July 26. My new favorite colour is turquoise. Or rather, I’ve always liked turquoise but now I have a new found love for it. I see it everywhere and just want to paint everything in this colour. Text says Document life, and that too, is a passion of mine.

These collages are like headlines, for chapters in my life, or upcoming posts perhaps. That wasn’t my plan, they just came out that way.

2011-07-27 index card
Index Card July 27. What would be in your list of advice to someone needing to know: How to really live your life? :-)

2011-07-28 index card
Index Card July 28. When I need something I always search in thrift shops first.

2011-07-29 index card
Index Card July 29. What can you see from where you are standing? – A great journaling question to start with if you’re stuck when writing. Plus I am thinking of how my window view is changing right now.

2011-07-30 index card
Index Card July 30. Drinking peppermint tea and making a doodle-collage-index-card. Thinking that peppermint tea is the best taste, ever!

2011-07-31 index card
Index Card July 31. Last of July and last of the index-card-a-day 2011 cards (icad2011), a project where I’ve been filling index cards with creative expression. For me, this is the end of that project (except that I still want to bind them together, but more on that in another post).

Just a reminder, because it is easy to forget this: When you add something in you need to take something out! I’ve not been very good at that in my life.

I have moved to a new apartment. The move came in the way of daily creating a collage on a index card. In my new home nothing is set up just yet. I felt if was time to end this project. But really, I was using the move as an excuse to not continue this project in August. I need time to sort out my boxes of stuff right now. I wish I had more time for other creative projects, but so far this month I’ve mostly sorted and organized. Even a small project like the ICAD take time. Also, the pile of empty index card that in the beginning of this project seemed endless, is almost flat now. And that too, is proof I’ve created a lot this summer, in small bursts of time.

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