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Tonight I’ve been at a Craft Social event, but before bed I just wanted to show you what I got in the mail today. You know sometimes days and weeks go by and there is nothing fun in the mail, nothing at all, and then all of a sudden – mail bliss! Not one, not two but three gifts arrived for me today. I was just sitting there, looking at it all, in amazement!

The first one, is this incredible RAK from Paula;

RAK from Paula
No letter but so many awesome little paper things, all from Paula of Little Scraps of Magic, recently mentioned in my post about the Ruby Red Page, a page in my Art Journal inspired by Paula. A few close ups of what she sent me;

Blue dog Postcard
A Blue dog postcard, made by Paula. I love the colours, and those yellow eyes… hate or passion?

Handmade notebook
And a handmade notebook, the most darling little handmade notebook. What shall I make on the white pages inside it? It feels like I should fill it this summer, and not store it with all the other little blank books I own… Poetry, collages, journaling, drawings? Post suggestions in the comments please!

Funny Postcard for Altering Artists
And another postcard, this one a printed copy with the best text ever! Made me laugh out loud, L-O-L as my brother says.

A pen for a princess...
In another little package, I got a pink pen designed for a princess! It’s from my friend Christina who has been to Disney Land Paris – lucky girl! Though I have a fab new pen to write with. I dig it, all my favorite princess are on it, except Her Royal Highness of Sweden, Victoria, who got married in Stockholm last weekend.

Mini Zine
I have made a wee zine swap with Milda Malin, who like me is a SuziBlu fan and has been a student for quite a while. She has made a little zine, and I got a copy. It’s just so cute. Plus, she made me two original ATC’s for our swap:

2 ATC made by Malin
I just adore how cute they are, the mermaid hair and the awesomely pink one – it is specially made for iHanna of course. I ♥ both!

Manga Library Pockets
And finally, a few library pockets that Malin folded inspired by yours truly plus a few ber cute deko-tape rolls (!) too, so cute!

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  1. What about expressing your experience of the newly held royal wedding? Your own colours and perhaps some keywords. It was amazing.

  2. Here’s your assignment for the little notebook. Gather whatever kind of paint you have in the colors that are on the cover: hot pink, green, yellow, orange and some white to make pastel tints of the colors. Use a sponge to wipe smudges of color onto the first 10 pages, going for an all-over color but nothing realistic. Now there’s no fear of the white page. Collage some of your new goodies onto the pages, choosing the same four colors. Add some more things to the pages. Add some more. Write somewhere with a black pen. Add penwork with colored pens. Go to and watch Teesha Moore’s videos about journaling. It’ll change your journaling life.
    Have fun.

  3. Jo, wow, thank you for a great assignment!
    I don’t have a fear of white pages normally, but even I get a bit intimidated when I get a beautiful handmade book that I want to make even more special… I like your idea, but what will I write? I need a topic. :-)

  4. I think the theme of the book should be flowers. The leaf looks like hosta but I don’t recognize the flower. Nevertheless, you could write about gardening and why you garden or why you don’t, and about flowers you bring into your home, about flowers you see in other gardens. Find poems or phrases about flowers, especially yellow ones.

  5. I haven’t had a good mail day for at least a week. I find it utterly depressing. Maybe I will send away for something bright and happy :-)

  6. Hej Hanna!
    It must be nice to receive so many goodies in the mail!
    I just wanted to ad something you might know already: the flower on the little notebook is a ‘gul n?ckros’, so maybe your theme should have something to do with water(lillies)?
    And I want to thank you – better late than never – for the lovely zine I received a few weeks ago. I hope to start journaling very soon now!
    Tack!! H?lsningar fran Amsterdam!

  7. Glad to see the fun mail keeps rolling in… that postcard is so hilarious I nearly fell off my chair! Maybe you could use the journal for some of your flower/nature photos. It looks like a good fit. Happy creations,

  8. Jag ?r glad att du gillart! Och vilken fantastisk brevsk?rd – det ?r s?nt som f?r en att forts?tta med mail art!

  9. Thank you so so much for commenting girls!

    Anita, so glad you like Mettazine! Please go to etsy and rate me as the best seller ever if you have the time! ;-) Oh, of course it’s a water lilly, I didn’t think about it but now I see. I thin I will write some summer time poetry in this book, both about water and flowers and sea gulls (I hear them now).

    TJ, hehe it sure is hilarious that postcard. :-) Don’t mess with us altered artist, we’ll cut you up! ;-)

  10. Oh Wow Hanna……..are these ever sweet goodies! I especially love Malin’s mini zine…… adorable!

    I love your jasmine Ordinary sparkling moment!

    Love, Violette xo

  11. Hanna, your blog is always so fun to visit. I love finding new people and things, plus your trademark colorifics. yum.

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