There is no knitting class tonight, last time was last Wednesday! I think it’s a little sad that I won’t have any of Britt’s wonderful coffee any more, but hopefully I can check out the other participants stuff in January next year (!) when we will have a reunion (on my initiative).

Though the complaining about my catastrophe knitting projects were a little exaggerated I think it’s allways great to meat people who are interested in what you do (knit in this case) and have helpful advice at hand. Last Wednesday Britt & Co. helped me to realise that the two end knitted mitten in pink and white, almost finished after ripping half up and redoing it, is useless. They encouraged me to finish it, but I have put it aside for a while at least. It’s to thin, to long and very ugly! :-)

Instead I finished my first sock (pattern in PDF by another Britt)! It was so fun and the fitting is perfect!

Last night we saw G?kboet (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) by Milos Forman, because P had not seen it yet. Then I knitted the sleeve of my wintergreen! Its very green, very soft and very long. I think I like it.

And the experience will come in time, if only I show my best temper and patience, patience, patience! Coz’ I was born the year that Marika started to knit, so of course I’m a “little behind”, not knowing all I want to know yet, doing silly mistakes and not understanding everything. And I’m fine with that, really! This craftsmanship demands time and patience!

And actually, when my temper is set right, I’m enjoying the learning progress a lot!