Id?nas Twins yarnThis yarn is 100 % machine washable soft acrylic, wonderful soft with a two tone effect wintergreen, 50 gram ? 19 SEK at Hemflit. Mum helped me decide and choose, and also alter a swedish pattern to make a sweater similar to Banff. I’ll knit it with two threads togehter to make it thick. Stiches 12 mm – enormous! We’ll see how it goes.

Here are the progress on 3 on-going projects of knitting I’m working on right now.

The wintergreen sweater will be fast to make:
Wintergreen sweater of my own design

My first sock ever now has a heal:
Brownblue sock in Opal

The mitten in Two-End knitting (also known as “twined knitting”, a traditional Scandinavian technique that I’m learning now):
Love mitten

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