What direction to take?

My lunch today

I just need to make lists right now. More lists than I allready do? Yes. These are some of the subjects I very much need to make lists about right now:

  • What posts I want to write in my blog that I have photos ready for
  • What to do this summer
  • What to craft before Saturday
  • What to sell at the Design Market (!!!) that I’m going to attend this Saturday
  • What topics I want to write about in Swedish (I feel like writing bigger and longer texts, but then I just blog)
  • StampsThe pro- and cons of writing journalism verses radio journalism so that I can make the right decision (?)
  • What I spend my money on (where do they go?)
  • How I can make some money
  • What my dreams and goals are so that I can journal them in my Book of Dreams and presue them with force
  • Make a list of things I should not do so much, like making fun sets at flickr, like the shabby, torn, beautiful for example

I might have forgotten one or two lists, but you get my point? I’m not going in the right direction, or at least I don’t know where I’m going.

This is todays craft news:

Scrapbook papers
I got a bunch of scrapbook papers, and I dressed this little IKEA drawer up (I found the inspiration at flickr). Isn’t it nice?

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20 Responses to What direction to take?

  1. Bea says:

    So, you?re a listmaker, too! I couldn?t survive without making them. Love your little Ikea chest of drawers! The colors are so beautiful. Ah, and Hanna, maybe there is nothing like the right decision concerning your choice on which journalism route to take. You can?t know right now how you?ll feel about your choice in the future, or how your career chances will be. The best thing to do will probably be to just do what you?d like to do now. Will be difficult of course, if you love both kinds of journalism about the same…

  2. Lina says:

    J?ttefin byr?! Jag har en likadan, bara tr?kig tr?ig. Bra id?…

    Kanske skulle du k?nna efter mer, och g?ra f?rre listor? (fast jag vet att de ?r bra, att f? ut och strukturera alla susande tankar) Ibland kan listor vara ganska stressande och begr?nsande…

    Huvudsaken ?r inte alltid att veta vart man ska, ibland ?r resan n?jet i sig, det ?r liksom den som ?r livet. Bara du inte gl?mmer att stanna till och skapa vackra saker :)

  3. Hei Hanna!
    Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar i bloggen min. M?nsteret til jakka eg hekla finst i dette heftet: http://www.sandnesgarn.no/Hefte.aspx?hefteId=500191&mElement=grupper Eg har desverre berre ein fax med m?nsteret p?, visst ikkje kunne eg sendt deg eit eksemplar :o) Trur storleikane er opp til 6 ?r, men det er veldig lett ? gjere m?nsteret om til ein vaksen. Du har ein kjempekjekk blogg, ein av mine desiderte favorittar. Ikeaboksen din vart superfin!

  4. Regina says:

    I like the cup and plate set. Good luck in Ume

  5. Hvor lyder det sp?ndende med det marked, jeg ?nsker dig held og lykke! Ogs? med alle dine lister og overvejelser…

    Jeg er sp?ndt p? at h?re, dine overvejelser om at skrive p? svensk. Selvf?lgeliger det lettere at skrive p? sit modersm?l. Ens sprog er ogs? meget mere levende og nuanceret. Det savner jeg ind imellem ogs? p? min egen blog… omvendt er det fantastisk sp?ndende at kommunikere med andre end ens umiddelbare venner, landsm?nd og nordiske naboer.

  6. carole says:

    beautiful job on the drawers! I miss IKEA.

  7. lisa says:

    i love the paper covered box!!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Lists are good. I make lots of lists. Some of them turn into art!!
    With so many ideas and thoughts and things I want to do floating around in my head all the time, making a list sort of lassoes everything in and lets me use my time for doing instead of just thinking about it.
    More lists to the people!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Och den d?r sm?rg?sen ser verkligen smarrig ut :)

  10. Julie says:

    I like lists too and the drwers are great!!

  11. imelda says:

    ah… lovely plate, mug and drawers!

    You sound like a very busy lady with all the fun things to do. It’d be interesting to see the things you sell at Design Market. :)

  12. Lolly says:

    The drawers are so cute! I love the idea with the scrapbook papers! I need to find this little drawer at my IKEA :)

  13. maria says:

    tack s? mycket f?r kommentar och mosaikbildshj?lp!! :)

  14. maria says:

    f?rresten, var har du hittat det d?r fatet? (f?r jag antar att det ?r likadant som muggen.) jag gillar det!

  15. sofia says:

    VERY nice :) and I love the art dolls with the ironed face too :)

  16. susan says:

    bureau looks adorable! love the paper on the top drawer especially.

  17. Monisha says:

    just discovered your website and links to other artists. its truly enthralling. question–did you just glue paper onto the front of the drawers to create that effect? i have some ikea drawers for this entertainment unit that we are converting to a dinning room hutch and i think the paper would add neat accents to the room…just wanted to ask how to get the clean flat look you achieved. thanks!

  18. weirdbunnyj says:

    oh that just looks brilliant. It would be great by my computer. Lovely choice of papers.

  19. Marieke says:

    beautiful choice of colors and papers. I have several of those drawers guess it’s time to change them a little ;)

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