Typography in 3D

Feminism’s agenda is basic: It asks that women not be forced to “choose” between public justice and private happiness. It asks that women be free to define themselves – instead of having their identity defined for them, time and again, by their culture and their men.
Susan Faludi

H is for Hanna, happiness and Home Comforts

A friend gave me this cardboard box-like letter. It was painted in a bronze colour that I did not like much. So I decided to do a bit of iHanna transformation…

Craft project to cover this ugly H with something prettier

To cover the brown bronze color I got myself a new jar of gesso. The old one was like rubber, so dry I throw the whole thing away. I don’t gesso much in my art journals these days, so it dried up on me. Anyway. After two layers of gesso I thought I’d paint my 3D letter pink, but before I could do that I found these pretty Cath Kidston napkins I got from another friend once… Total aha-moment. Time for decoupage right?

H is for Hanna, happiness and Home Comforts

Got out my gel medium, and not to carefully slapped one layer of the napkin on each side of the letter. If you look closely it’s a mess, but from a bit of a distance I think it looks fab!

Here is the finished paper H:

H is for Hanna, happiness and Home Comforts #decoupage

H is for Happy! Right?

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  1. Hanna, this is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! You did an amazing job with it. I love pink and love this pattern as well. : )

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