Romantic Bird Houses

Bird house I bought two small wooden bird houses in the beginning of this year. I love the shape of wood houses, symbols of home and home comfort. I adore any type of mini house.

I’ve added the finishing touch to both of these wood houses: Vintage newspaper text and a printed postcard (backside). Plus I decoupaged napkins all over them – with rose motives of course.

I have several rose napkins in my collection right now, and I need to find more fun projects to use them on, because they are not being properly exposed to the world when laying in my paper drawer. They need some light!

One of the bird houses has already moved to my mother. I gave it as Christmas present to her when she was visiting me. She really liked it, and I really like the other one, so I think I’ll keep it. Just need to find the right wall to hang it on.

Bird house #1

Maybe a new project should be to make some birds to live in these houses? Clay or fabric or paper. Or to decorate the mini bird house (cardboard) that I bought on the Internet once? Or not to craft at all, and just rest? So many choices, but I think I will have a couple of projects left to do in the upcoming year. What do you think?

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  1. S? vackra, du ?r j?tteduktig! Jag skulle vilja g?ra en “riktig”, och se om n?n f?gel skulle vilja bo i den :)

  2. Very, very beautiful bird houses. I love it. They can decorate nicely. How about a fake little bird by the door?

  3. ?h, s? heldig mora di er! S? fantastisk flott fuglehus, og for noen ideer du har og s? flink du er til ? sette dem ut i praksis.
    * SUKK * Du setter terskelen for oss andre veldig h?yt ;)

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