Always pass on what you have learned.

Background Paper: Mixing it Up

Sometimes I forget how to do a collage, how to paint or how to draw. It feels like I’m lost, or like I’ve lost my ability to be creative. But then I remember the trick: I need to give myself permission to play. To work without expectations of the outcome. To just have fun. To explore my materials. Maybe it’s when you forget everything you know that you can be truly free and creative?

You know when you need some play time: it’s been weeks since you did anything remotely creative and you need a kick start… You need a starting point… Because when you start you will be inspired to continue. The hardest part continues to be just starting. Well, this is one way. Paint background papers!

Background Paper: Dry brushing Turquoise
Dry brushing Turquoise.

I have piles of printer paper from my office days that I horde and use as my cheep (no cost) canvas. They’re pretty great for these kind of day. I bring a few out and then fill them with colors, patterns and paint. Sometimes it’s just abstract paint, sometimes it becomes patterns or crayon doodles. Everything is allowed, but preferably you should like the color combinations. And yum, I love this one:

Background Paper: Pink and Black

It’s awesome to let creativity loose on paper. As a bonus I have new collage papers, a new jumping of point for next session (or this summer).

Background Paper: Gold Shimmery

Are you letting your creativity loose?