Letting Creativity Loose

Always pass on what you have learned.

Background Paper: Mixing it Up

Sometimes I forget how to do a collage, how to paint or how to draw. It feels like I’m lost, or like I’ve lost my ability to be creative. But then I remember the trick: I need to give myself permission to play. To work without expectations of the outcome. To just have fun. To explore my materials. Maybe it’s when you forget everything you know that you can be truly free and creative?

You know when you need some play time: it’s been weeks since you did anything remotely creative and you need a kick start… You need a starting point… Because when you start you will be inspired to continue. The hardest part continues to be just starting. Well, this is one way. Paint background papers!

Background Paper: Dry brushing Turquoise
Dry brushing Turquoise.

I have piles of printer paper from my office days that I horde and use as my cheep (no cost) canvas. They’re pretty great for these kind of day. I bring a few out and then fill them with colors, patterns and paint. Sometimes it’s just abstract paint, sometimes it becomes patterns or crayon doodles. Everything is allowed, but preferably you should like the color combinations. And yum, I love this one:

Background Paper: Pink and Black

It’s awesome to let creativity loose on paper. As a bonus I have new collage papers, a new jumping of point for next session (or this summer).

Background Paper: Gold Shimmery

Are you letting your creativity loose?

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  1. I did just what you suggest when I was trying to come up with ideas for your upcoming swap! I played and had fun with the backgrounds. And then everything just sort of fell into place. Thanks for your continued encouragement and inspiration!

  2. Such a good idea! I keep thinking I need a list of “slow art” projects, or “low creativity” projects, or whatever you want to call them, that I can work on when I’m in that funk. Background papers definitely goes on the list, and in a similar vein, paste papers, along with my bit-by-bit rag rug.

  3. Good tip Hanna! Sometimes I know with me, it’s something like background papers that get me back in the zone again.

  4. Yep, I do that too. Another thing I do is cut images from magazines or make what I call collage elements. That is for instance stamping on pretty paper and then cutting the images out so I can use them in collage or just cutting circles or starts or whatever kind of shape from pretty paper (made by myself or storebought), also to use in collage. Or I just prep things with gesso. Anything to just do at least something that I can later use at more creative times.

  5. you are back ans this means so much to me. you are my creative soul-sisters. well, it feels like. i had a skiing accident in february and broke my left arm. my nervus radialis is still paralized, i cannot use my left hand. this had a shattering effect on my creativity and on humor. i could not do a thing and felt dull and empty. some day i decided to start with a cut-and-paste-therapy and create at least one page a day in my art journal. i had to let go of all expectations and give myself the freedom to create ugly and imperfect. how wonderful to feel so free. this lifted my spirits, immensely. since then i cannot stop cutting and painting and glueing with one hand. creativity is pure energy of life “lebensenergie”.

  6. Totally agree Hanna. When we exercise we have to warm up and I do think it’s just the same with art time.

    Karen x

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