Tired of never receiving any happy mail? then it's time to join iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap spring 2015! Join now!

If too are tired of only getting bills and junk mail in your inbox (not your e-mail inbox but your mail box), then it’s time to take action and do something about it. The first step is to make happy mail for others! I think it’s time you start sharing some of your creativity and make happy postcards to send out… Being creative and making postcards is half the fun, and then if you feel like joining my DIY Postcard Swap you will get 10 happy handmade postcards right back at ya! Double joy, right?

So it’s time to make awesome postcards together!

Sign up now!

You will create ten original handmade postcards, any style you like, and send them out to ten new friends (that might live anywhere in the world, because this is an international swap).

Later this spring, hopefully before the beginning of June, you will receive 10 awesome surprises in the form of handmade postcards – from 10 other creative peeps. The trip to and from the mail box will be full of anticipation and joy!

Doesn’t it sound a little bit like magic coming your way?


This is how it will work – note the dates!

It is easy and quick to sign up for this swap. Read the full information and get postcard inspiration and resources (and follow the pinterest board or course) here. But in short, this is how it will work:

    1. Pay the 7 US$ fee here, using a credit card or your paypal account. [your paypal receipt is your confirmation]

    2. Register your address and country in the sing-up-form – and that’s it! [if you’re not redirected by paypal come back and fill out the form below the paypal button]

    3. Finish 10 handmade postcards and be ready to send them internationally or domestically the weekend after the 22th of May!

    Pay and register here

I hope you’ll start making the cards straight away.


You can sign up all the way until May 20th, so you have plenty of time to make your postcards, but then they should be ready to go out that week – finished to send out as soon as you receive my e-mail with your 10 addresses!

It would make me happy to have you join us.

  • Deadline to send postcards is Friday 22th of May (or no later than the following Monday).
  • Note the Dates in your planner or add a digital reminder in your phone!
  • I will send you your 10 swapper’s postal address to the e-mail you register in the form!
  • Read through the rules & information page, bookmark it and visit the resources there for inspiration
  • Before asking please check the FAQ!
  • Use the hashtag #diypostcardswap when posting images to your social media favorites (instagram, twitter, flickr, etc).
  • If you write about your your postcard process on a blog please share the link in the upcoming link up post!

Are you ready? Pay and register here

Fun fact:
This is the sixth year (and the ninth swap round) I am arranging. Woop woop!


Are you on twitter, please tell your friends about the swap:

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Happy Mail in the DIY Postcard Swap

Help me spread the word

iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap spring 2015  - join now! #diypostcardswap Tell your friends that you’ve joined the swap, by email or sharing my swap-image from Facebook on your personal page there! Then they too will get the chance to join, and I will feel very grateful for your help. Invite your IRL and blogger friends to sign up, the more the merrier right? If you have a blog, link here in your next post via text or use one of the swap buttons that I made! or share one on FB or via twitter (Ping me, I’m @iHanna). Or pin an image from this post to your Pinterest board! Thank you for so much for helping me and spreading the word about this swap.

Link the swap button to the main swap information page where they can sign up too – and later will find information on the next time (autumn 2015).

Thank you!