Autumnally Sweden (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

When you stop doing something for a while you get out of the habit quickly. You might loose some of your courage to just jump in and Do It. Your muscles forget how to act and your brain puts up bars instead of free sky to dive into. When you stop for a break, even a short one, your mind concentrate on other tasks and forget how to focus on what’s important.

– Oh, how quickly the mundane and ordinary can invade your thoughts and become your life if you’re not mindful.

So what is important? To me it is to constantly create a beautiful world to live in, no matter how you do it. It’s a important work that can’t be stopped, that shouldn’t need hiatus and that should always be in front of your eyes.

You can create beauty in your world in many different ways. By looking at the changes of nature through your camera lens and capturing it’s essence. Through embroidery, painting, sketching, blogging, writing, singing, dancing, decorating, sewing… There are thousands of ways! I just happen to like them all a lot. I also know this: You can not be creative and capture this beauty by surfing the net, reading books or watching telly. It’s not creative and therefore not a possible road towards creativity – simply because all that is passive.

You need to create something with your life, from your life, in your life – by acting! It’s by doing these things that I come alive.

Capturing beauty, in what ever form, is my life goal. It’s my life. It’s called creativity by others, to me it’s the habit that makes up my days. During my months (!) of not blogging I’ve noticed two important things about my creativity. They are as follows.

1) Writing this blog

It helps keep up the creative habit for me. I blog about what I create, so that writing and sharing keeps me accountable for continuing to be creative. What once started as an experiment has become the thing that keeps me true to the creative habit! The blog wants posts and therefor I need to think about the projects I start and finish them so that I have something to share.

2) Sharing is bliss

Sharing makes everything I do much more fun!

The continuum is important to all creative work, as with all habits. A habit is defined by its occurrence in daily life. It’s something that you do without planning or thinking about it, because it’s your habit to do so. I like to think of creativity not as an act of courage, passion or even skill, but as an act of habit. Not that my creative work is not all of the above, because it is, but it’s the habit of doing it daily that keeps me going. It’s the habit that creates volumes of work because it ensures persistence and presence! And not to forget: personal development and change.

Thinking about creativity in this way makes it obvious that everyone can do it. It’s just a mindset, a decision. Do you want to be a creative or artistic person – or not? Do you have time to dedicate to making stuff – or not? Do you have the willpower to try something that might not work out as you see it in your head – or don’t you? I believe you can, should and ought to say yes to creativity in your life.

So will you say yes? Yes!

Yes please, yes mum, yes I will, I do, I can, I am, I want to!

Let’s create together, let’s get into the habit once again.

Thanks to everyone who has written me! To you all I will say this:

– Yes! I’m back to blogging, yes I am.