Prepped pages in the Art Journal

Pink prep art journal page by iHanna
Mixing pink with dots of yellow, a page prepped and ready to write on. The collage on the right side was made while putting the book together. It might need some writing too, perhaps a list of some sort…

Paint prep spread in an art journal by iHanna
A Traci Bunker inspired page, using stamps bought from her. Painting with green and turquoise at the same time, unusual (to me) combination that just rocks this page! Yum!

Creativity makes me happy stamped art journal message by iHanna
Even got my stamp letter set out to underline this important message: Creativity makes me happy! Painting, mixing colours, looking through this art journal… all happiness to me. I hope I can do some art journaling tonight!

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  1. Love the prepped pages and hope to see more soon. Art Journaling is on my plan tonight too, hope it works out!
    Sunny greetings – Irma

  2. so beautiful pages…just wishing to art journal!
    i also saw traci’s pages on her blog and I was asking which stamps I wanted to buy…which ones did you buy and did you also buy the wooden blocks?



  3. Thanks! :-)
    Sophie, I mounted the stamps on wood blocks that I got in a craft store (see the whole project with tutorial here), Traci got lots of fun stuff in her shop!

  4. I love the colour combination with the blues and greens (I’m into green this week – must be the warm weather *teehee*) The alpha stamps are gorgeous! As is your page! Can’t wait to see the pink one ‘grow’ – have fun art journaling! (there’s nothing better then that!)

  5. Beautiful pages, Hanna! Love your mix of green and turquoise -so pretty! Thanks for sharing your happy pics!

  6. Oh Hanna, art hasn’t been a part of my life in so long now and it’s SO nice to be back at your site and looking at your beautiful work, especially your art journals! Your colors are so uplifting — I think of you whenever I see orange and pink!

  7. I really like your pages, but I’m curious about your feelings while prepping them. I have read about a lot of artists who prep pages so they are ready when they want to journal, but I find that I prep them and then when I’m ready to journal they don’t speak to me so I just make additional pages to work on and those prepped ones are usually just skipped over, never used. Do you find that?

  8. Hanna, your collages looks so great. Whenever I try I just feel it looks so silly or unfinished. Your colourcombi are yummi as ever.
    Think I have a code to crack when it comes to collages. Enjoy your days filled with sunshine!

  9. I have enjoyed seeing your collage pages and collage dream board!
    I love and dream of many similar things….yoga, creating art, open spaces, light and windows!

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