My dad's Succulent Garden

Before the frost came I went out to my parents garden and snatched a few of the tiny succulent plants. I wanted to create my own version of a succulent miniature garden! I’ve been seeing all kinds of ber cute potted succulents on pinterest and was inspired to bring some into my own home.

My dad's Succulent Garden

Succulents look different than other plants, but what’s so different about them? Except for being cute of course. Cassidy Tuttle has a whole blog about these plants, and she explains well what Succulents are:

Succulents are a group of plants that store water in their leaves. The leaves tend to be thick and fleshy, but some genus and species have thicker leaves than others. Succulents tend to thrive in dry climates and dont like a lot of humidity. As with any other plant, proper watering will ensure the best growth and flowering.

My dad's Green Succulent Garden

I don’t know what these are called, but they must be pretty hardy since they survive the Swedish winter without help!

My dad's redish Succulent Garden

I don’t know much about plants in general, so I just picked a few of these succulent heads and made them a tiny plantation in a sherry glass!

iHanna's Miniature Succulent Garden in a tiny glass at

Isn’t is cute? I adore it, and feel very happy about this project.

Making a tiny garden

There is a bit of soil in the middle of all the pebbles. I just stuck down the succulents, and hoped for the best. I was pretty sure they’d dry out and be dead within a week, but lucky me that wasn’t they case.

My succulent miniature garden
Garden in a glass

After a day the thin plant, that first was just kind of laying on the pebbles, rose and started to grow in place. The wonders of plants, right?

See the photo with my hand above for size. The plantation is about the size of my hand…

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